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What is Quick Lube Expert?


Meet your Instructor: Kevin Davis


Owner & Operator

Over 26 years quick lube experience building, acquiring, and operating several successful locations in multiple states.

Industry Leader 

Past AOCA Board Member, NOLN Operator of the YEAR, AOCA Member of the Year,  Former AOCA Management Certification Course Instructor

Trainer, Speaker, & Coach

Certified Founding Partner of the John Maxwell Team, Ziglar Legacy Certified Speaker, Ziglar Certified Choose to Win Coach.

What Others are Saying about Kevin Davis...

Ryan B.

"I recently attended a managerial course that Kevin instructed. His down to earth analogies and simple to understand explanations were great! Kevin has fantastic enthusiasm for what he does - whether it be public speaking or the oil-change business. It’s evident that he truly cares. I very much enjoyed his course and he helped rekindle a fire of motivation for my career." 

Shon L.

"I highly recommend if you are in the Quick Lube business, that you take the AOCA management course with Kevin. I took away so much knowledge from this training course with Kevin. He brings so much energy to this course. I have only been a manager in the Quick Lube business for 10 months and took away so much from this. If you are looking to better yourself in this industry, I highly recommend you take this course with Kevin. Thank you for this weeks course."

David S.

"Kevin Davis conducted a two-day private management course for 40 of our site managers in June of 2018. Overall, the course was excellent. Kevin does a fantastic job. He was very engaging and his material was extremely relatable to the everyday battles oil change managers face. I cannot commend him enough for the wonderful job he did. Our team left the experience feeling informed, motivated and excited to improve."

How will Quick Lube Expert Help You?

Shield Your Operation

Learn to safeguard your business against potential dangers, risks, and unpleasant experiences.

Carry the Expert Banner in Your Markets

Provide you with tools and resources to be identified as the preventative maintenance expert in your market.

Operate with Power and Efficiency

Provide you and your team with industry specific training to maximize your potential and minimize loss.

Operate Smoothly and Effectively

Streamline your operations to improve performance, drive higher revenue, reduce cost, and increase profit.

Achieve 5 Star Results

Learn to achieve 5 Star Results, attract more customers, compete more effectively, and exceed expectations.

What We Offer...

QLE Membership

Quick Lube Expert will share some of the most important tools and resources every quick lube owner and operator needs to have in the toolbox.

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QLE University

Quick Lube Expert University is an online, self-paced training program designed to transform entry-level technicians into industry leaders.



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QLE Inner Circle

Gather with other leaders in the industry where you will have the opportunity to discover ways to improve your business, overcome your toughest challenges, hold each other accountable, and add value well beyond your bottom-line.

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QLE Mentorship

With QLE's Mentorship Program you will have the opportunity to experience one-on-one coaching with QLE's industry expert, Kevin Davis. Kevin will equip you to take control of your destiny by taking small, yet effective, and consistent steps toward your goals.


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QLE Live

Join live training events and workshops hosted at the Fast Change Lube & Oil Corporate Training Center, where you will share the experience from various industry specific leaders covering topics of operational training, motivational and sales to leadership and development.


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QLE On-Site Consultation

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Through our On Site Consultation Program, we'll conduct a thorough and in-depth assessment into your quick lube to help you identify your strengths and areas of improvement. 


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