QLE Mentorship 

With QLE's Mentorship Program you will have the opportunity to experience one-on-one coaching with QLE's industry expert, Kevin Davis. Kevin will equip you to take control of your destiny by taking small, yet effective, and consistent steps toward your goals.

Kevin’s coaching programs are designed to be fully engaging with a blend of coaching and structured activities to ensure what is learned will be implemented in all areas of life. As a quick lube operator and owner with over 25 years in the field, Kevin will share his knowledge and expertise so that you can take your quick lube business to the next level, achieve 5-star results, and add value to others along the way. 

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One-on-One Coaching Calls

Streamline your journey to success. As a member of Quick Lube Expert's Mentorship Program, you will gain access to monthly one-on-one coaching calls that are personalized and focused towards helping you achieve both your personal and professional goals.


In-Depth Business Assessment 

Quick Lube Expert's In-Depth Business Assessment will provide you with a detailed summary as well as a recommended plan of action and have you on the fast track to a leader in the industry. 

Personal Improvement Plan Development 

Through one-on-one coaching, we'll help you create a structured and personalized plan that is tailored towards capitalizing on your strengths, while developing areas in need of improvement by clarifying goals and setting expectations.

Annual LIVE Events

Receive early access to purchase tickets and/or to upgrade to VIP experiences at live events.

QLE Membership Included

Sign up for the QLE Mentorship Program and automatically receive access to QLE's Membership: The #1 Online Resource and Community for Quick Lube Operators.



SAVE on QLE University Courses!

QLE Mentorship members will receive exclusive DISCOUNTS to QLE University Courses:

  • Certified Ambassador
  • Certified Technician
  • Certified Master Tech
  • Certified Manager
  • Certified Leader


Receive a discount exclusive to Mentorship Program members only. 


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